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Nylon Cable Ties

Versatility and maximum quality

Unveiling the Unsung Hero: The Power of MST Nylon Cable Ties

They’re the silent guardians behind the scenes, the unsung heroes of countless installations: nylon cable ties. In the professional world, where efficiency and safety reign supreme, MST cable ties rise to the challenge.

Black And Natural Nylon Cable Ties

Our black and natural ties are available in widths from 2.5mm to widths of 7.6mm, to suit your every need, and come in lengths from 100mm to 550mm.

They are perfect for securing whatever it is you need in place, with both the natural and black cable ties proving equally strong.

Made from high-quality nylon 6.6 material and UL approved to file number E70062.

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Characteristics and advantages

Nylon cable tie details

Fast and simple installation

The ergonomic design of the flexible tape makes for smooth and easy threading.

High performance

The design of the head ensures high resistance to traction, guaranteeing strong tensioning.

Inner gear rack

The design of the inner gear rack ensures an optimal tightening of the cable tie without damaging the object being secured.

Maximum quality and guarantees

The quality of MST cable ties is guaranteed with the highest quality standards, thanks to their certification under the UNE-EN 62275 standard, which has UL approval and allows for CE marking.

Technical Specifications

Material Nylon
Operating Temp -40 to +85°C
Flammability UL 94 V2
UV Light/Ozone Resistance Medium
Oils & Grease Resistance Excellent
Solvents Resistance Good
Petrol Resistance Excellent
Standards UL E70062, BS EN 62275:2009 and UL1565
Min Tensile Strength
All 2.5mm Width 8.1 KG
All 3.6mm Width 18.2 KG
All 4.8mm Width 22 KG
All 7.6mm Width 54.4 KG

We offer 14 sizes of Nylon Cable Ties

# Code Length (mm) Width (mm) Max Bundle Dia (mm) Color Quantity (pcs) Quantity (pack)
1 MS-100-Y 100 2.5 22 White, Black 100 450
2 MS-150-Y 150 2.5 36 White, Black 100 300
3 MS-200-Y 200 2.5 52 White, Black 100 250
4 MS-150-F 150 3.6 36 White, Black 100 250
5 MS-200-F 200 3.6 52 White, Black 100 210
6 MS-250-F 250 3.6 68 White, Black 100 150
7 MS-300-F 300 3.6 80 White, Black 100 130
8 MS-350-F 350 3.6 89 White, Black 100 110
9 MS-200-T 200 4.8 52 White, Black 100 160
10 MS-300-T 300 4.8 80 White, Black 100 100
11 MS-370-T 370 4.8 105 White, Black 100 90
12 MS-500-T 500 4.8 White, Black 100 60
13 MS-370-K 150 7.6 105 White, Black 100 46
14 MS-550-K 550 7.6 159 White, Black 100 35

Application examples Nylon Cable Ties

Application examples nylon cable tie
Bundling Cables for Enhanced Organization
Securing Cables for Safety and Stability

Cable clamping in electrical installations, petrochemicals, solar plants, automotive, aeronautica, packaging, pharmaceutical and food industry, diy, gardening, pipe clamping.

Recommendations for using and storing cable ties

MST cable ties are manufactured in high quality polyamide, a hygroscopic plastic material, which means that the material absorbs and loses water depending on the external conditions (humidity and temperature). To guarantee correct handling and optimal conservation of the polyamide, the bags of cable ties contain the proper level of humidity.

We recommend the following to ensure correct product behaviour:

Do not open bag

Do not open the bag until using them, and once open use them as soon as possible or store them in hermetic plastic bags.

Condiciones temperatura

Optimal storage conditions: 23ºC temperature and 50% relative humidity.

Do not store near heat

Do not store near heat sources.

Do not expose directly to the sun
Do not expose to direct sunlight.

Packaging and Point of Sale

Mst nylon cable ties 200x4.8

The bag the cable ties are sold in contains all the necessary information in a single glance. It is a high quality plastic bag that ensures watertightness to maintain the recommended humidity level.

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